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Manager of the Fund

Bouwinvest is the fund manager of the Fund and as such is responsible for portfolio management and risk management. Bouwinvest, on behalf of the Fund, conducts the business activities related to the entire real estate investment process to achieve the Fund’s investment objectives. Bouwinvest believes responsible business practices are a vital element in achieving the targeted return on investment. Bouwinvest is structured as a private limited liability company. bpfBOUW holds 100% of the shares in Bouwinvest.

Management Board

Bouwinvest’s Management Board consists of the Chief Executive Officer, also Statutory Director, the Chief Financial & Risk Officer, also Statutory Director, the Chief Client Officer, the Chief Investment Officer Dutch Investments and the Chief Client Investment Officer International Investments. The Statutory Directors are appointed by the Bouwinvest General Meeting of Shareholders following nomination by Bouwinvest’s Supervisory Board. The Management Board is governed by Dutch law, as well as a set of regulations that also outline its tasks and responsibilities.

Supervisory Board

Bouwinvest has an independent Supervisory Board with a minimum of three and a maximum of five members. The Supervisory Board currently has four members. The maximum term of office is four years, with the possibility of reappointment for an additional four years. The role of the Supervisory Board is to supervise the policies of the Management Board and the general affairs of the company and its related business. The Supervisory Board is responsible for the quality of its own performance. The members of the Supervisory Board are appointed by the Bouwinvest General Meeting of Shareholders. In carrying out its duties, the Supervisory Board is guided by the interests of Bouwinvest and its related business.

Policies, rules and regulations

Corporate Governance Code

Although the Dutch Corporate Governance Code does not directly apply to Bouwinvest as it is an unlisted company, the Management Board endorses the best practices of the Code in as far as these are applicable to Bouwinvest and practical.

Code of Conduct

Bouwinvest has drawn up a Code of Conduct that applies to all its employees and which includes additional rules that specifically apply to the Management Board and Supervisory Board with respect to conflicts of interest and investments. The Code of Conduct deals with issues such as ethical behaviour, conflicts of interest, compliance with laws and (internal and external) regulations, responsible investment, health and safety, as well as our business partners. Bouwinvest has also instituted a whistleblower policy to deal with the reporting and investigation of unethical behaviour. All employees receive code of conduct training.

Conflicts of Interest policy

Bouwinvest has a Conflicts of Interest policy. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that no material conflicts of interest occur that are damaging for investors in the Fund, the Fund or Bouwinvest. The policy also describes how Bouwinvest should act with respect to the allocation of different investment opportunities over the respective funds and clients. The policy is intended to supplement but not replace any applicable Dutch laws governing conflicts of interest. In 2023, there were no conflicts of interest as referred to in the Bouwinvest Conflicts of Interest Policy, either between the members of the Management Board, the management company, the Fund and/or other funds managed by the management company.

Funds and Partnerships managed by Bouwinvest

Bouwinvest manages the following alternative investment funds and partnerships:

  • Bouwinvest Dutch Institutional Residential Fund N.V.

  • Bouwinvest Dutch Institutional Retail Fund N.V.

  • Bouwinvest Dutch Institutional Office Fund

  • Bouwinvest Dutch Institutional Healthcare Fund

  • Dutch Social Impact Real Estate Partnership C.V.

Bouwinvest has separate mandates from bpfBOUW for the management of international real estate investments in Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific region and hotel properties through Bouwinvest Dutch Institutional Hotel Fund N.V. The Healthcare Fund will be opened for new investors as per 1 January 2024. 

Bouwinvest aims for the highest level of transparency in its communications on its financial situation, strategy, plans and other information relevant to its existing and potential investors and other stakeholders. In addition to this annual report, the management company reports on a quarterly basis on the status of the Fund and organises quarterly conference calls to discuss the developments within the Fund with its shareholders. Furthermore, Bouwinvest organises General Meetings of Shareholders twice a year, together with Advisory Board meetings to discuss and approve the Fund plan and annual report. All information and documents related to the Fund are available for shareholders via the Bouwinvest Investor Portal.