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Report of Management Board

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How Bouwinvest creates value

Bouwinvest Real Estate Investors B.V. invests the capital of institutional investors, primarily pension funds and insurance companies, in real estate.


Real Value for Life: Bouwinvest strives to create long-term value, combining social impact and stable financial returns for our investors.


Bouwinvest enhances pension benefits by investing responsibly in sustainable real estate worldwide.


Real estate is a growth market, both in terms of investments and in terms of funding. The future of the real estate sector lies in finding a balance between financial and social returns.


In 2023 Bouwinvest developed a new corporate strategy towards 2030 to proactively engage with and benefit from fast changing market conditions.

Materiality matrix 

Bouwinvest Real Estate Investors takes a long-term focus and aims to generate stable, reliable returns for its investors.

Value creation model

Bouwinvest’s value creation model shows what financial, social and human capital is deployed, how value is added and what value ultimately is created for society.

Connectivity table

Bouwinvest has devised a connectivity table to clarify the links between the material themes, the value creation model and the KPIs and has included both responsible investing and corporate responsibility in its guiding principles.

1 Minimising climate impact of buildings / portfolio 

Bouwinvest is a signatory to the Paris Proof Commitment. Up to the end of 2023 we used the Dutch Green Building Council (DGBC) methodology to gain insights in and guide us reducing the CO2 footprint of our assets on the way to becoming Paris Proof.

2 Generating stable absolute and relative financial performance for investors 

Investing in real estate generates attractive and relatively stable returns in the long term and makes real estate an indispensable part of investors’ allocation models.

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