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Financial statements

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Consolidated balance sheet at 31 December

Consolidated statement of profit or loss

All amounts in € thousands

Consolidated statement of cash flows

All amounts in € thousands

Notes to the financial statements

All amounts in € thousands, unless otherwise stated

7 Deferred tax liabilities

Bouwinvest has recognised a deferred tax liability of € 1.5 million of a long-term nature for the difference between the fiscal and commercial valuation of the participations of € 5.1 million at year-end 2023 (2022: € 7.1 million).

8 Long-term liabilities

The short-term part of the received rental incentive amounting to € 32,000 is recognised in the other liabilities.

9 Taxes and social security charges

10 Pension premiums

The movement in short-term liabilities related to pensions was as follows:

11 Payables to shareholder and associates

The decrease of € 4.3 million of the payables to bpfBOUW relating to the incentive fee with respect to bpfBOUW's participation in the Bouwinvest Dutch Residential Fund is a result of the amendment of the fee-structure as of 1 January 2023.

Off balance sheet rights and obligations

Bouwinvest has management agreements with the Dutch funds it manages. These agreements are open-ended and payment after termination is for two years.

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