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Fund governance

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Fund governance

The Fund is governed by a robust framework with systems and processes to manage risks appropriately. Safeguarding the interests of its investors, integrity and transparency, the Fund fosters the following governance principles:

  • The compliance function is independent;

  • Conflicts of interests are avoided and managed through compliance with Bouwinvest’s conflicts of interest policy;

  • Robust checks and balances through established framework with three lines model;

  • Focus on process management: ISAE 3402 type II certified;

  • Compliant with AIFMD;

  • An independent depositary function has been installed;

  • Rules and principles governing day-to-day business;

  • Best-in-class system for valuation of assets;

  • Elaborate approval process for all real estate investments;

  • Transparency and integrity integrated in daily business conduct;

  • Code of conduct;

  • Transparent and open shareholder communication.