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Bouwinvest has separate mandates from bpfBOUW for the management of international real estate in Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific region, hotel properties through Bouwinvest Dutch Institutional Hotel Fund N.V. and healthcare properties through Bouwinvest Dutch Institutional Healthcare Fund

Bouwinvest aims for the highest level of transparency in its communications on the financial situation, strategy, plans and other information relevant to its existing and potential investors and other stakeholders. In addition to this Annual Report, the Management Company reports on a quarterly basis on the status of the Fund and organises quarterly conference calls to discuss the developments within the Fund with its shareholders. Furthermore, Bouwinvest organises General Meetings of Shareholders' twice a year, together with Shareholders Committee meetings to discuss and approve the Fund plan and annual report. All information and documents related to the Fund are available for shareholders via the Bouwinvest Investor Portal. In addition to the regular information outlined above, Bouwinvest organised a number of client activities in 2023, including road shows, property tours and one-on-one meetings with (potential) investors, plus we attended several high-profile real estate conferences to present the management organisation, its strategy and its vision on real estate to (potential) investors.